An analysis of the morality in todays world and the role of c s lewis

John Painter Publication Date: He is a past-president of the Catholic Biblical Association of American and the series editor of the Sacra Pagina series.

They are shown how to take a missionary stance toward the outside world by giving the witness of a holy and blameless life to offset the slander and ignorance of the non-Christian majority and possibly even to lead them to glorify God on the day of judgment.

In confronting the crises within their churches, the authors appeal frequently to the Old Testament and to early summaries of Christian faith. In this truth, the readers are encouraged to abide if they would have the assurance of eternal life.

Through the socio-rhetorical approach Painter brings to light the continuing relevance of these writings.

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It is clear that for the authors, despite their different social settings, what was at stake was the struggle for the faith. But they are given a marvelous theological vision of who they have become through their baptism and pastoral encouragement to stand firm.

In fact, the church has always been—and probably always will be—involved in some kind of crisis. Painter explains the historical context of the Johannine Epistles using a socio-rhetorical approach.

Part of the problem arises because, although 1 John is called an epistle, it lacks the formal marks of an epistle. In the second part of this volume, Daniel Harrington interprets Jude and 2 Peter as confronting crises in the late first century that were perpetrated by Christian teachers who are described polemically as intruders in Jude and as false teachers in 2 Peter.

Painter also examines the inseparable connection between belief and ethical life in active love for one another. The new Christians addressed in 1 Peter found themselves aliens and exiles in the wider Greco-Roman society and suffered a kind of social ostracism.

While Jude uses other Jewish traditions, 2 Peter includes most of the text of Jude as well as many distinctively Greek terms and concepts. Yet the meaning of the text is often unclear. In 1, 2, and 3 John, John Painter illuminates the relationship 1, 2, and 3 John have to each other and to the Gospel.

The three short New Testament letters treated in 1 Peter, Jude, and 2 Peter illustrate the problems early Christians faced, as well as the rhetorical techniques and theological concepts with which they combated those problems.—Catholic Library World.

A good resource for preaching and teaching.

Sacra Pagina New Testament Commentary Series (18 vols.)

—Westcott House, from their list of recommended Bible commentaries. Reflect[s] the best of modern critical Catholic scholarship. The commentaries include fresh translation, critical analysis, and theologically sensitive exposition.

Sep 13,  · C.S. Lewis said this:“ You can shut Him up for a fool; you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God.

But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great moral teacher.

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An analysis of the morality in todays world and the role of c s lewis
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