Lessons learned from gettysburg essay

At times, it was his strength of will alone that seems to have held the Army of Northern Virginia together. There are hundreds more examples and this war, as well as any war, is full of these kinds of moments and the men who find themselves facing fate head-on.

Armed with a dual motivation of comrade and cause, a soldier will overcome great odds, and prevail over the harshness of their daily existence, separation from home and family, and the despair of ever-present death and disease. Not so with our Civil War.

Effective leaders must "park" their personal ego and focus on what is best for their organization Jim Collins, author of Good to Greatargues his research of the best modern companies demonstrates that so-called "Level 5 leaders" who make decisions solely based on what is best for their organizations are the most successful.

Not an intellectual or a learned strategist, Grant was a simple man who possessed remarkable common sense and an extraordinary ability to both recognize and execute a calculated risk.

The top three leadership lessons from the battle of Gettysburg

The counterattack broke the back of the Confederate assault, and the Northerners secured the hill. Jefferson Davis, on the other hand, had all the training and experience one could possibly want in a Commander-in-Chief.

3 Leadership Lessons Learned from the Battle of Gettysburg

These few lessons are excellent examples of why, even after years, the Civil War continues to function as an excellent classroom for those who study the art and science of warfare. It followed naturally from his first inaugural address that focused on preserving the Union, and the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves in the "states under rebellion" but did not end slavery as an institution.

Almost out of ammunition, with the Confederates charging yet one more time, Chamberlain rallied his men. And the cool thing about it was that, just like every other time we went, we got to hear from a different Tour Guide who shared with us his perspective on the battle. But no government hitches its prestige to a losing cause.

But, my studies also showed me how important events in a war can also turn on individuals of lesser position, men on the line in tactical situations. Nevertheless, in the wrong amounts, they can result in failure.

He was a hard charging soldier who had little direction to reach tactical advantage. To overcome such odds, they must believe in the men who lead them as much as the men around them and the cause they are defending.

But, in war, he would prove himself. Prior to the battle, General Robert E. Lee as a master tactician, but his strategic prowess was more suspect. Check out his work at YMSidekick. Normally, when one army lost or were retreating, they would leave the area completely.

Inhe was invited to give a speech at Gettysburg on the 40th anniversary of the battle. These elements are the basis for strong leadership in any business especially in an instructional setting. Pick your battles Military historians still revere Gen. He also had a strong sense of professionalism that allowed him to overlook matters of personal ego and, instead, dedicate himself to the task of his nation.

The result could have been a recipe for disaster.3 Leadership Lessons Learned from the Battle of Gettysburg September 21, January 16, Tom Pounder 0 Comment battle of Gettysburg, civil war, general, gettysburg, leader, Leadership, lessons, student ministry, war. Below are some of the leadership lessons I learned from Gettysburg.

Photo Essays: Videos. Image Credit: flickr/Jack Keene. Top 5 Lessons From The Battle of Gettysburg: Years On.

Top 5 Lessons From The Battle of Gettysburg: 150 Years On

the th anniversary of day one of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg Lessons: About Videos For Schools Reviews Contact Book The Author Video Tribute New Page Product The Battle of Gettysburg.

provides more inspiration for self-reliance, character development, personal success and revealing insights into your own leadership abilities than any other single event in American history. Your self. Lesson Summary.

Gettysburg's most important lesson

The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought in North To learn more, Battle of Gettysburg: Facts, Summary & Significance Related Study Materials.

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Lessons Learned from Gettysburg Essay

Jul 02,  · Gettysburg's most important lesson. Granted, there are lessons aplenty to be learned from Gettysburg: the disasters that can follow the failure to settle issues peacefully, the horrors and.

Lessons learned from gettysburg essay
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