Life cycles of paper and plastic bags environmental sciences essay

Oil to plastic Most plastic bags are made from HDPE, or high density polyethylene, a strong, light, rigid plastic also used in food containers, milk bottles and pipes. To omit those impacts entirely from an assessment of paper products, however, produces a greatly distorted picture—one that is systematically biased against paper products that incorporate recovered fiber.

Plastics are produced from the waste products of oil refining. A plastic bag looks like a tasty jellyfish to an indiscriminate feeder like the sea turtle, but plastic is indigestible. Ingestion of plastic items occurs much more frequently than entanglement.

Distribution By the time they arrive here, the bags will THEY are handed out in their billions, used for a few minutes then discarded to pollute the earth for hundreds of years. To be sure, the biologic and ecologic character of many of the impacts of forest management activities do not allow a direct or quantitative comparison to other measures of environmental impact—for example, energy use or releases of air emissions from a manufacturing facility.

Considering all Aspects of Fiber Acquisition Obtaining the fiber to make paper products—whether derived from used paper collected for recycling or from trees—entails a range of environmental impacts.

This includes 36 species found off South Africa. Each system includes analogous activities in the acquisition of fiber, pulp, and paper manufacturing and disposal of residuals. The analysis incorporates environmental releases and solid-waste generation as- Page 58 Share Cite Suggested Citation: A typical free supermarket bag is used for an average of 20minutes before it is thrown away.

UK facilities are so limited that about million a year are shipped back to China. The dyes and inks in bags do not make them harder to recycle - but they turn the plastic grey or black. Plastics turn up in bird nests, are worn by hermit crabs instead of shells, and are present in sea turtle, whale and albatross stomachs.

As particular species seem to be badly affected this may be a threat to the entire population of these birds. It affects the very structure of soil.

On remote rural beaches the rubbish tends to have come from ships, such as fishing equipment used in the fishing industry. Take your litter back home with you if there are no receptacles on the beach.

Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays

It died within a couple of hours. Jelly fish-eating, Fishes mistaking the plastic floating in the water for Jellyfish eat them and then die their species is becoming extinct. One dead turtle found off Hawaii in the Pacific was found to have more than pieces of plastic in its stomach including part of a comb, a toy truck wheel and nylon rope.Michigan Department of Environmental Quality: Life Cycle Analysis of Paper and Plastic Bags Part of the Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum, this interactive lesson walks students through the life cycles of both paper and plastic bags.

The life cycle of a plastic bag

Oct 25,  · Plastic Bags Will Be the Death of Us. August 16, Well, believe it or not, these bags contribute to environmental issues in several ways.


Try switching to paper bags instead of. This paper elaborates the life cycle of plastic bags and critically analyzes the environmental effects of each stage of their life cycle. Furthermore, various alternatives that can help eliminate the draw backs of plastic bags while maintaining the capacity to deliver the same usability are also enlisted in the paper.

Paper vs. Plastic Bags Franklin and Associates completed a life-cycle energy analysis comparing the two common grocery bags.

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There were two critical measures. The first is the total energy used by a bag, which includes both the energy used to manufacture a bag, called process energy, and the less pollution than one paper. Plastic bags. Essay on Plastic Pollution: Top 4 Essays. Article shared by: And one of the worst environmental effects of plastic bags is that they are non-biodegradable.

The decomposition of plastic bags takes about years. Home ›› Essay ›› Environment ›› Pollution ›› Plastic Pollution ››.!!!! Page!5!of!35! INTRODUCTION Ordinances!that!limit!the!use!ofsingle!use!plastic!bags!(SUPBs)!and!encourage!their!replacement!by.

Life cycles of paper and plastic bags environmental sciences essay
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