The luxuries of today are the necessities of tomorrow

As they progressed further, however, and sought to increase their comforts, they began to regard those things as necessities. Business houses today promote their products so aggressively that relatively trivial objects begin to seem indispensable.

Even decorative materials have acquired some importance in modern living, and many of them are considered necessities. In the case of the radio, it plays a part of modern life.

And without their hair-dye, they would either be mistaken for their actual age, or consigned to the garbage heap of people who were out of tune with the times!

today's luxuries are tomorrow's necessities

Workers have to travel great distances to earn their livelihood, and the limited time at their disposal compels them to regard motor vehicles as indispensable to their activities. I shall be very thank full to you! Men today are too conscious of their position in society, and to assert their social influence whenever it is possible, they gain possession of certain things such as telephones or refrigerators, which they had earlier regarded as luxuries.

These things were luxuries once, and their use was confined to the economically upper crust of society.

Back to the more mundane, at least pricewise. That is one aspect of the matter. Today, they have become absolute necessities.

Speech on “The luxuries of today are the Necessities of Tomorrow”

They did not have a choice. Thus, most of the necessities of today are actually not necessities in the sense that they are indispensable for survival, but that they are required to add to the comforts of life and our social position, and there is no doubt that many more of the luxuries of today will come to be regarded as necessities tomorrow.

Thanked Times in Posts Quote: Staying with the mobile phone theme, if you want the designer label to go with your latest device they certainly come with a luxury price tag. Like radio, motor vehicles were firstly used by rich people. The integration of these devices and our homes and lives is less pervasive.

Sometimes, however, considerations of social status too have led to the recognition of certain things as necessities. I would bet that at one time these items were seen as luxuries, even frivolous perhaps.

The world would cease to be what it is but for inventions like the television, the computer, the mobile, and what have you! Hence, the use of curtain is considered essential to decent living in society. Technology has revolutionised the world.

Those engaged in trade afterwards. There was a time when hair-dye was not used except in greenrooms and film studios, and people did not feel there was something seriously amiss in their lives.

It has now become a convention that the things in private chambers of a house should not be exposed to the public gaze. In the s a new gadget appeared on the market. For that matter, there was a time when there was no television or mobiles, and life went by as smoothly or otherwise as it does today.

Maybe they would keep an uncustomary distance from their colleagues for fear that they might be caught smelling unpleasant! They are regarded as necessities by almost all working men.

If, by chance, people were to run out of deodorants or scents they would see it as a calamity. If there was one set of problems then, there is another set of problems now. The technology continues to evolve and before long they will be a near standard feature in most cellphones or cars.

When a substantial number of people in society use certain things which were treated with indifference before or regarded as luxuries, it becomes necessary for others to use them to maintain their status in society.

Once a definite luxury but not so now with portable units available for a few hundred dollars, but are they really necessary? They may have their share of disadvantages, but all said and done, there are more reasons to celebrate their arrival than mourn their shortcomings.

Multimedia is now everywhere from our desktop to our mobile devices.

Essay: “The luxuries of today are the necessities of tomorrow”. Discuss.

How about those GPS units? Does that make it a luxury or necessity? And yet today, every one… well, almost everyone, seems to feel that life would come to an utter standstill without deodorants or hair-dye or television or mobiles. More and more industries are being established in various parts of the world, with the result, that the activities of man too have increased tremendously.Luxuries of Today, Necessities of Tomorrow?

By Jon Kenton. What is luxury? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary luxury is an “indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or. Does that make it a luxury or necessity?

Given our earlier definition of luxury, i.e. indulgent and unnecessary, most of the latest techno-gadgets would seem to fit the bill. They are either expensively adorned or “designerized” versions of current products that would seem to most to be highly indulgent or clever new technology or packaging that’s looking for that magic demographic who deem it necessary.

Are Today’s Luxuries Tomorrow’s Necessities?

I started to think about what is a necessity, and what is not. Years ago people cooked without an electric stove, kept their home warm without a gas powered furnace, and bathed themselves without a hot water heater.

Yet I would bet that many of us would consider our stoves, furnaces and hot water heaters to be necessities of life. until reforms are enacted. No one today questions the necessity for punishing criminals by depriving them of their freedom for Words; 12 Pages; Pele Soccer Athletic Genius, Soccer Legend, Master of.

Thus, most of the necessities of today are actually not necessities in the sense that they are indispensable for survival, but that they are required to add to the comforts of life and our social. Oct 17,  · hello, quotemeisters. I'm hoping someone can point me to the original author of (and i'm probably paraphrasing) "yesterday's luxuries are tomorrow's necessities".

The luxuries of today are the necessities of tomorrow
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